Early in January, 1923, I began to copy on the typewriter the three principal works of Elder Daniel Parker on the Two Seed doctrines - "VIEWS ON THE TWO SEEDS: Taken from Genesis, 3d. chapter, and part of the l5th verse," "A SUPPLEMENT OR EXPLANATION TO MY VIEWS ON THE TWO SEEDS," and "THE SECOND DOSE OF DOCTRINE ON THE TWO SEEDS ."

I was ably assisted in the work by Sister Kate Alston, who lives near Social Circle, Georgia, in whose home I did the work. She carefully read the Text, while I performed the typewriting. I have endeavored to copy the above named works with scrupulous fidelity to the original first and only edition of 1826. There may be a few clerical or literal errors in the copies, and no doubt there are; but these have not affected or changed the author's meaning in any way whatever. I have been careful to preserve the original spelling, capitolization, punctuation, and grammar, exactly as they appear in the printed book. The book is yellow with age, the lines are exceedingly close together, the printing is faded and dim, and some of the words are very hard to make out; A few letters in some of the words are entirely gone; but we have succeeded in reading every word in the printed book and I have faithfully written them down. The work has necessarily been slow, tedious, and very difficult; but it has been a labor of love, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

The copy I now send out is exactly as it is in the book which now lies before me, with this exception – I have taken the liberty to break up some of the author's exceedingly long paragraphs, which does not alter the meaning of the writer in any sense whatever. This I have done, for the convenience of the reader. I have suffered greatly in my body during the entire time that I have engaged in this work, but I have not allowed this to interfere with my faithfulness in performing the task.

I intend to make other copies, if I can find a sufficient number of persons, who love the deep and sacred truth of God sufficiently well to desire me to do so. I feel that these works by Elder Parker ought to be read by all the truly regenerated children of God, and that they will do much good among our Old School Baptist people. Many among us believe what Elder Parker taught, but have never seen his luminous writings. In my judgement, these books ought to be circulated far and wide; for they are worthy.

No man in our country has been so misrepresented, abused, and slandered by the Arminian element which has crept into the Old School Baptist Church, as has been Daniel Parker; and most of those who condemn him and his teachings, have never read or seen his writings. So bitter has been the prejudice and the hatred against him and what he taught, that the very mention of the Two Seed doctrine frightens most of the Baptist of our day. Yet the greatest of our old-time Baptist preachers, like Wilson Thompson, Richard N. Newport, John Shields, Joseph E. Flint, Thomas Britton, Samuel Clark, and many others, believed and preached this doctrine.

I finished opying these books at 11 o'clock, am Wednesday, February 7th, 1923. May the blessing of God attend this my labor of love.

(signed) Ben Hardin Irwin.