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North Berwick, Maine, Dec. 14, 1898.

Attie Curtis – Dear Sister In The Hope Of Salvation In Our Lord Jesus Christ: – Vast multitudes are indifferent concerning the things pertaining to eternity, and many that profess to be concerned, are wrapped up in their own self-righteous performances, vainly imagining themselves to be thus acceptable in the sight of God. Though they take upon themselves the name of christians, and call Christ their Savior, yet he is not precious to them, for their confidence and boasting is in their own doings, and not in what Jesus has done. “Unto you that believe he is precious.” It is a great thing to be a believer, and only those are true believers in the Lamb of God, who have learned that they dare not place any confidence in what they have done, but with all their heart’s affection, they believe, they trust, they repose in the precious cleansing blood of the Son of God, and their soul’s confidence is in the justifying obedience of the Lamb. The more I ponder over my life as a believer, the more I am settled that it is by the grace of God I am what I am. God hath given us everlasting consolation, and good hope through grace, and my constant needs as a poor sinner enhances to me the preciousness of our dear Redeemer. As I think now of your dear mother, that verse comes into my mind:

“As they draw Dear their journey’s end,
How precious is their heavenly Friend,
And when in death they bow their head,
He’s precious on a dying bed.”

Since my return home, those of the church that I have met have been making; glad I was to receive such a comforting inquiries about you and father, and concerning the departure of your dear mother, to be with Christ, which is far better. I have no doubt our faithful, covenant-keeping God, will be with you and father during the time you may be spared to each other. Life’s brief journey will soon terminate with all the human family, and then eternity of bliss, or woe, eternal life, or eternal damnation. There is a sacred and awful solemnity in contemplating the eternal destiny of the human race. If it were not for the predestination of the chosen in Christ Jesus unto the adoption of sons, to be conformed to the image of the Son of God, and unto eternal glory in and with him, there could be no hope for any. But though I am a worthless, vile worm, yet it is given even me to drink down sweetly the hope that God hath loved me, and saved me in the precious blood of the Lamb, and hath predestinated me to be conformed to the image of his Son. I feel it is a great thing to be a believer, for such innumerable things arise that would cast discredit upon my hope, and were it not for the mighty and gracious power of God working in my heart, against every opposition of my vile flesh, and the devil, evidences of his mercy, evidences that Jesus died for me, I could not, how would such a sinner as I dare believe that such an inheritance of glory is mine, with all the church, in Christ Jesus our Lord?

With love to you and to father, and wishing you every consolation that God can bestow, I am, I hope, your brother in Jesus,


Signs Of The Times
Volume 67, No. 3.
FEBRUARY 1, 1899.