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My days on earth are fleeting,
And soon they will be o'er;
Each day I'm drawing nearer
To heaven's happy shore;
Soon, soon I shall be landed
In heaven by grace divine,
There in my Jesus' likeness
I shall forever shine.

I'm nearing to the haven,
The haven of the blest;
The voyage will be over,
And then I'll be at rest.
Time, time is quickly passing;
How quick the moments roll!
Eternity is dawning
Is dawning on my soul.

And when my days are ended
On this terrestrial ball,
And from the realms of glory
Jesus for me shall call,
Then from all care and anguish
I will in haste away,
And dwell with my Beloved
In one eternal day.

Then sweetest hallelujahs
I will to Jesus sing,
And bow in love and wonder
Before my gracious King;
With his own hand he'll take me
And seat me at his side;
With Christ I'll reign forever,
And be his own dear bride.


Signs of the Times
Volume 49, No. 14.
July 15, 1881.