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All, all is so dreary,
I’m sin-sick and weary,
I sigh dearest Lord, after thee;
For temptations annoy,
Sin my peace would destroy,
O, come and have mercy on me.

In deserts I wander,
And here much I ponder,
Midst conflicts, trials, and grief;
Lord, I’m brought very low,
And my hearts filled with woe,
O, wilt thou not grant me relief?

O, I’m tossed to and fro,
And I’ve nowhere to go
This world can afford me no rest;
Unto thee, Lord, I cry,
In compassion draw nigh,
And pillow my soul on thy breast.

Lord, I’m sinful, I own,
But did’st not thou atone,
Dear Lamb, all my guilt on the tree?
O, heal my backslidings,
O, speak the glad tidings,
That I’m thine, thou still lovest me.

I’m as one veiled aside,
After thee have I sighed;
O, where is thy peaceful retreat?

Draw me to thy resort,
Where thy loved and blood bought
Dwell in comfort at thy dear feet.

This thy voice that I hear
That removes all my fear,
Day dawns ‘neath the smiles of thy face;
My heart’s to thee clinging,
Thy praises I’m singing,
To me thou hast shown wonderous grace.

In Jesus abiding,
Upon thee confiding,
I shall by thy grace overcome;
Satan oft doth assail,
But no power shall prevail
To rob me of my glory, my home.

My Beloved is mine,
And thou sayest, I’m thine,
Then onward, and upward I move;
There nothing shall sever,
Ah, never, no, never,
My soul from Emmanuel’s love.


September 1977, Vol. 145, No. 9