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Smile on me, Jesus, with thine eyes,
That shall illumine mine.
Give me a kiss of pardoning love,
That shall more cheer than wine.

The thirst that from my soul doth spring
Doth ask a drink divine;
Doth me Thy love, thought but a sip;
Oh; there’s no love like Thine.

My heart to Thee breathes forth its praise,
How far from honoring Thee!
Thy loveliness, and deeds of love
Hold me in captivity.

The wine, the fruits of Thy dear love
Doth strengthen, cheer, my heart;
Since Thou hast lived, yea, died for me,
Oh let us never part.

Held captive in the chains of love,
Thus drawn, I follow on,
In all things more than conqueror,
‘Till with Thee on Thy throne.

My triumphs are love’s victories
O’er sin, and death and hell;
Emmanuel’s love shall bear me through
To heaven, with Thee to dwell.

Raleigh, NC


Pages 403 thru 407.