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“Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.” Proverbs 8:34.

I will watch at the gates of Wisdom,
I will wait at the posts of the doors,
To see what the dear Lord will send me;
To Jesus, I come very poor.

I will watch with the closest attention,
If the dear Lord will give me His grace,
And learn what His mind is about me,
And what is the path I’m to trace.

I will wait, as a poor humble sinner,
And ask Him to guide me along,
Oh, I cannot do without Jesus;
I’m weakness, but in Him I’m strong.

I will wait at the door of His mercy,
Without which, I cannot live here,
For I am a poor guilty sinner,
So oft in distresses and fear.

I will wait, for I’m so very needy
And daily I need a supply
Of heavenly food to nourish my soul,
Without which, how soon I should die.

I will wait for His own gracious blessing,
>He saith, “I will strengthen thy heart,
Thy strength I’ll renew like the eagles,
And from thee I ne’er will depart.

I will wait on the Lord in the night,
When the clouds hide my Jesus from sight
I will watch till the bright morning Star
Shall appear to give my soul light.

I will watch to see when He beckons,
And says to my soul, “Come thou nigh,”
I will wait ‘till I hear Him call,
“Friend, come to Me on high.”

Raleigh, NC

Volume 3, No. 31,
April 1925.