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Y E A R N I N G S .

THE veil of our flesh so oft intervening,
The things of our God but obscurely we see;
As through a glass darkly we look on his glories,
But soon face to face with Emmanuel we’ll be.

Like one that’s outside of the palace I Wander,
Yet at times, through the lattice, the King I have seen;
The King in his beauty – O such ravishing glimpses,
That my heart ever since taken captive has been.

As one veiled aside, after him I am pining;
Such a dreary waste desert is all unto me,
When Jesus, most lovely, my hope, my salvation,
Is absent, and T his dear face cannot see.

The glimpses which even to me have been given
Of the lovely Redeemer – such compassion I’ve seen,
My heart’s drawn toward him, I’m yearning and hoping
To live ‘neath his smiles, and have no veil between.

North Berwick, Maine.

Signs of the Times
Volume 82, No. 22
November 15, 1914