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WALDO, upon religious innovations and impositions, has in this number touched upon a subject, the discussion of which we have on all previous occasions declined to admit into our columns. As a subject involving political considerations, we still leave it to be discussed and disposed of by those whose business it is to guard the civil affairs of our country; but as a religious subject, involving considerations of a most frightful character, we feel it incumbent upon us to give an expression of our sentiments in regard to it.

As our correspondent, Waldo, is an Old School Baptist, living in the northern part of this State, and brother Trott is well known as an Old School Baptist residing in Virginia, the interchange of a few communications, tempered with that meekness and deep anxiety for the supremacy of the laws of Jesus Christ our Lord, as the only rule of our faith and practice as Old School Baptists, can have no bad effect, so long as these brethren shall confine their discussions to the religious bearing of the subject.

It is now well known that the subject of abolition, and in some recent cases, coupled with what is called tetotalism, has come to be a test of christian fellowship, and this institution has taken a place and rank amongst the popular religious institutions of modern invention, which are self-styled benevolent. We, in waging war with the mother Arminianism and her entire brood of institutions, cannot consistently refuse to give a record for the use of posterity, of what ground is occupied by the Old School Baptists on this, as well as all other subjects of a decidedly religious cast.

October 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 721 – 722