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DON’T be alarmed, we are not going to discuss the subject; but we have received some communications on the subject, and it is necessary that we should say that the abolition controversy, so far as our information extends, exists only among the New School or arminian order of Baptists, and as the Northern and Southern Old School Baptists have no disagreement on this subject, we feel disinclined to open a door for any bitterness on the subject. The New School Abolitionists of the north have issued their bull of excommunication against their slaveholding brethren of the south, and vice versa. Let them settle their own difficulties, or remain at at war as may suit their inclination; the Old School Baptists being, on this subject, at peace, should remain so.

The committee of two of our churches, who forwarded their proceedings and resolutions concerning E. Galusia & Co’s. Circular, to us, are informed that the pledge we have given to avoid political discussions, will not allow the insertion of their letter. And for the information of others we give this early notice that this volume will be devoted to other matters.

January 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Page 641