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Among the numerous modern inventions of the New Order of Baptists to entice the multitude to fall into their ranks, and replenish their coffers, our attention has recently been called to some curious and significant advertisements which from time to time have appeared in our village daily newspapers, inviting the public to attend various carnal diversions, plays, festivals and amusements, from that of the “Melodies of Mother Goose,” to oyster, strawberry, ice cream, chicken pie, and numerous other festivals, including paper dress, apron, ice cream and strawberry festivals; and last of all, if not least, we have in the papers of December 11th, 1879, the following:

“The Apron Festival at the Mulberry Strict Baptist Church, which opens to-night, will continue to-morrow evening. You can get a chicken pie supper, served up by pretty volunteer waiter girls, and everything for reasonable prices.”

The appeal to the amorous and gluttonous passions of the community to banquet with them on chicken pie, and feast their lustful eyes by gazing upon the “pretty volunteer waiter girls,” with the further inducement that those who patronize them may obtain “everything for reasonable prices,” reminds us forcibly of “the error of Balaam,” who conselled Balak to tempt Israel to sin by presenting the “pretty volunteer waiter girls” of Moab before the hosts of Israel, to tempt them to sin in order to provoke the wrath of God against Israel. It may be well for those who are “running greedily after the error of Balaam for reward,” to read what God has said on this subject, especially in Numbers xxii., xxv. and xxxi., also Micah vi. 5, Jude 11, and Revelation ii. 14.

We are mortified to learn that virtuous and lovely females of our village can be induced to exhibit themselves as “pretty volunteer waiter girls,” under the infatuation that their sacrifice of modesty and female propriety is an acceptable offering unto the Lord, because done in houses professedly consecrated to the worship of God, and for gaining a little money for what they may regard as religious purposes. The chastity of the young and beautiful ladies who have been thus misled we do not doubt; but could they know that the same inducements are flaunted at the entrance of some of the vilest saloons in our large cities, they would undoubtedly refuse to be gazed upon by the amorous and licentious, even for what are called reasonable prices.

Is this the way that leads to God?
Is this the path our fathers trod?
Were waiting girls of beauteous mold
Exposed to in the shining gold?
God’s holy temple, we are told,
Became a mart, where things were sold;
But with a scourge did Jesus chase
The sordid tradesmen from that place.
To Molock once, in God’s dread ire,
Childrend were pass’d through flaming fire.
But must their sacreligious ways
Be re-enacted in our days?

Elder Gilbert Beebe
MIddletown, N. Y.

Volume 48, No. 1
January 1, 1880