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WE live at an eventful epoch in the history of what is called Christendom. All orders, religious and profane, are on the alert; some fearfully important event is at our threshold - “the time is at hand.” The grand procession of the Sunday School pupils, with their clerical commissioned and non-commissioned officers, of all orders of the various professedly religious denominations, were paraded through the streets of Philadelphia about ten days ago, amounting to an immense number, each company with its adopted banner, in truly martial order and military appearance, to be assembled, we believe, in front of the old state house, and addressed by several of the black-coated gentry. Every class of our countrymen, when organized and wishing to appear formidable and determined, whether military, mechanical, political or religious, have recently adopted the same policy, and in their respective public ostentatious parades, open to the breeze their floating standards of witty devices, and thus avow their enthusiastic determination to prosecute their enterprises, whether good or bad; but that which strikes our mind with fearful apprehensions for the safety of our civil and religious liberties, is the remarkable coincidence of operation displayed by the world and the reputed church. While we could show by numerous public proclamations that the world is becoming abominably religious, we can with equal clearness prove that the professed church are with as rapid pace becoming worldly. Both the civil and ecclesiastical powers are verging to the same central point, and, to all human appearance, will be soon merged in the same anti. christian interests.

To the sons of Sion, we would add, God has also given us a banner, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psa. lx. 4. And although the sons of wickedness may set up their ensigns for signs, and marshal all their troops in terrible array against the truth, yet will we rejoice in the salvation of our God, and in his name we will set up our banners. Psa. xx. 5. Not a standard of human device, but that banner which God has given to us.

June 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
pages 690 – 691