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Thus inquires the missionary Kincaid, who says, after relating the wonderful effects produced on some Karens by tracts which had been by him distributed:

“The tract I hold in my hand, cost one cent, I have given, to the feet of Christ. Whose cent was that? No one can tell, but it is recorded in heaven, and throughout eternity will stand recorded as the offering of christian love.” – American Messenger

Can any reasonable person for one moment seriously believe that Mr. Kincaid knows whereof he has affirmed? He says positively that that there is a record made in heaven of the donor of the cent which bought the tract which he held in hand after having given it to the feet of Christ, and that that record will throughout eternity stand. If a man will thus assert what it is impossible that he can know, merely to excite some poor silly creatures to give a few cents to immortalize their names, can he, or ought he to be believed in what he may say on any other subject, under any circumstances whatever?

New Vernon, N.Y.,
July 1, 1843

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 292 – 293