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“A WRITER in the Utica Observer over the signature of ‘A Baptist,’ charges both the students and professors of the Hamilton Institute with legal perjury at the recent election. For the character of this valuable seminary of learning and the cause of Christ, we ardently hope there may be no reality in this assertion. We are loth to believe that our brethren at Hamilton would engage in the political conflict with which our country has of late been agitated, and leave their higher and holier duties as ambassadors of Christ. It is impossible. Surely our Hamilton friends will not remain silent under so caluminous a report!” - Baptist Record.


PERHAPS not; but why have the professors and students of that institution, and all their friends thus far let this matter rest? With the circumstances upon which this charge is based, we are uninformed; but of this one thing we feel quite confident, none can be more deeply interested in the selection of the rulers of our states and nation, nor from any do we look for more corruption in these matters than from those who are now courting, and are destined eventually to be married to the civil powers of the earth. With the editor of the Record we call on Dr. Kendrick and all his apprentices to come out and clear themselves from the charge, if they can!

January 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 648 – 649