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WE rejoice to witness the disposition so generally manifested by our brethren throughout the United States, to obey the summons of their divine Lord, as expressed in the words inserted at the head of this article. There appears to be a simultaneous movement at this moment among our churches from Maine to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the remote west, there is certainly an unusual movement in the churches and associations, and God is evidently separating the precious from the vile. The intolerant measures entered into by the New School are beginning to produce powerful reaction in their churches; they have already turned their screws so tightly upon their people as to cause them, like the Hebrews in distress, to cry out because of their bondage and their task-masters. Those members of new school churches, who will not subscribe to the new inventions, falsely called benevolent, are frequently excluded, for no other charge than that of refusing to wear a new school collar; they are readily admitted, on profession of their faith, into the churches and communion of the old school regulars. On the other hand, those who are put away from our regular churches for departing from the primitive faith and practice of the gospel of Christ, and in no small number of instances when persons have been excluded from our regular churches, for gross immorality, drunkenness, lying, and even perjury not excepted, they are, and have been admitted among the new school - as witness the organization of a new school church recently, at Neversink Bridge, Sullivan Co., N. Y., as well as many other cases, nearly if not quite similar.

We would not be understood to complain of this course, by any means, for while we lament that there exists among those who have stolen our name (Baptists) so much corruption; since it is so, and since we are divinely assured that evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, we are perfectly satisfied that the new lights should exhibit enough of their corruptions to bait away from us as many of their kindred spirits as have formerly infested our regular churches; for sure we are, that when the Arminians are called home from our churches, and all the sons and daughters of Zion are delivered by grace from their Babylonish captivity, the ranks of our King’s army will be full, strong, united, complete, and terrible as an army with banners. Our churches have nothing to fear from this general movement. None will go out from us, but those that are not of us, that they may be made manifest that they are not of us; and these, certainly, if we retain them as nominal members, can only swell our numbers and disorder our ranks, while they cannot add to our beauty, tranquility, or peace; for the word of God assures us they are cursed children, that cannot cease from sin. 2 Peter, ii. 14.

June 16, 1837.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 388 – 389