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We have recently received letters of enquiry from brethren in various parts, asking information concerning a work said to bear the above title, published in Portland, Maine.

A circular has been sent to many of our Old School Baptist brethren, setting forth that this is “an invaluable book, and every Old School Baptist should have it.”

As we have no knowledge of either the book or its publishers, we are inclined to think the whole thing is a “Yankee Trick.” We know of but two or three persons in the city of Portland, that we recognize as Old School Baptists, neither of whom are publishers. From the fact that the author of the circular has not sent us a copy of his work to examine, nor of his circular, but has sent them broadcast to such of our subscribers as have given their names and address through the “Signs,” we presume it was not intended to give notice of the imposition until too late to prevent the hoax. The recommendation of the work by the “Methodist Evangelist,” and the so called “Christian. Observer,” is strong presumptive evidence that the work is not designed for the approval of our order of Old School or Primitive Baptists.

Middletown, N.Y.
July 1, 1868.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 7
Page 227