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“I am very unhappy to inform you that I feel under the necessity of requesting a discontinuance of the Cross and Journal. First, I do not find that form of doctrine that the apostles taught; and secondly, I conclude this form of doctrine, and the practice of missionary societies and kindred institutions, are without the least precept whatever. The more I read your paper the more I detest this new-fangled system that is teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.”

“The truth does not always have its legitimate effects. While the gospel subdues many to penitence and love, it hardens others. “The clay hardens and the wax, melts before one and the same fire.” - [Cross and Journal.]


VERY true, the truth does not always have its legitimate effect. This is abundantly exemplified in the case of the Cross and Journal; for had the truth which has been lavished so abundantly on the conductors of that paper been attended in them with the fear of the Lord, they would not at this time have needed the reproof which they have copied from one of their old patrons into their columns. Why, if able, does not the editor of that paper inform his correspondent in what part of the bible he may find a precept or example for those institutions?

Alas! it is much easier to put such troublesome corespondents off by assuming an air of pity for their ignorance, stupidity, or hardness of heart, than to find scripture to satisfy’ the bible man that the doctrine, practice and modern institutions advocated by that print are of God, so long as it is written that, “The legs of the lame are not equal.”

April 1,1836.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 223 – 224