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THE following scrap, cut from some other paper, was sent us for insertion in the “Signs of the Times;” we give it room not because of its singularity; for it is in good keeping with all the New School movements of the day; but to show that some other periodicals are beginning to notice some of the popish humbugs of the times.

“Let those laugh now who never laughed before,
And those who’ve always laughed now laugh the more.

“In the Christian Watchman of December 28, an account is given of a meeting of the ‘Young Men’s Methodist Foreign Missionary Society,’ at which meeting one of the speakers is represented as holding the following language:

“By the report of last year, it seems that $62,000 had been spent; and the result of this amount was the conversion of 3,523 souls: - thus 3,523 souls were converted by the payment of only nine and a half cents apiece! may thus calculate, he said, that this number will be converted by the payment of this small sum.”

Nine and a half cents a head! Cheap as dirt, and only a cent and a half less than the bounty offered in Maine for crows’ heads! What commission do the ‘Young Men’ pay the converts? - z.”

May 1, 1839.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 500 – 501