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“WE have a fact but do not know where to put it. Sometimes we have concluded to let it go unnoticed - then again to place it in some part of the paper where it would be least likely to be read: the inquiry would then come up, why hesitate? Its only telling the truth, no one can be offended at that; and so you have here the disgusting fact. At the late meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church in Philadalphia, several meeting houses were refused, and it was with great difficulty a place was obtained for the accommodation of the Assembly. The only reason of refusal was, the ministers used so much tobacco that they injured the house by occupying it.

This circumstance brings to mind an ancient regulation made at a town meeting in Portsmouth as early as 1662, when it was ‘ordered that a cage be built, or some other means devised, at the discretion of the Selectmen, to punish such as take tobacco on the Lord’s day, in time of public service.’” - N. Y. Baptist Register.


We copy the above from the Cross and Journal. It has gone the rounds of the new school journals, who being so unaccustomed to publishing facts, have been sorely plagued to find a place to put it. In the bowels of our kindness, therefore, we invite them, one and all, should they ever get possession of another fact, to send it to us; we deal in facts, and shall be in no wise at a loss to know “where to put it.” In copying this fact, we disavow any design to mortify the black coated gormandizers of the filthy weed, or any reflection on the uncharitable manner they were treated by their brethren in the city of brotherly love.

June 30, 1837.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 390 – 391