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AT the Tabernacle in New York, a short time since, we are told the new lights of several denominations met to hold a fast, on account of the pressure of the times in relation to money matters. The question, whether the present scarcity of specie and the deranged state of the banks would not retard the approach of the millenium? One of the sages present, however, was of opinion that the effect would operate quite differently; men would now be compelled to live more moderately, and when once learned to live cheap, they would be prepared, when the times change again, to cast more money into the Lord’s treasury; and, in his opinion, the millenium would commence at least one century sooner for the present hard times. Such predictions must be very consoling to the disciples of Mammon.

June 16, 1837.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 389 – 390