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THE heresy to which we have had occasion to allude on a former occasion appears to be gaining among the new orders of religionists in these parts, and probably elsewhere. The outlines of the theory are, 1st, that the death of Christ has removed, or taken away all sin from the whole human family, so that no son or daughter of Adam can be damned for being a sinner.

2d. That God now requires every human being to believe the above article on pain of damnation.

3d. That the long cherished doctrine of a necessity of a change of heart, a certain exercise of mind, &c., (what we commonly call christian experience) is a deception of Satan, designed to cheat men out of their souls. And that the mental powers of men in their natural state are fully competent to exercise the faith of the gospel, and believe to the saving of their souls; that those who wait for God to do anything more to prepare them for the exercise of spiritual things will wait in rain, and be finally damned for refusing to believe.

The above are the general outlines of the new-fangled theory, subject to such modulations and variations as the exigencies of times and circumstances may require. We have ourself heard the substance of the above boldly asserted in a public assembly, by a man professing to be a minister of Jesus Christ.

New Vernon, N.Y.,
July 15, 1843

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Page 299