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“‘Predestinarian Baptist Convention, for the PURPOSE of a new association begun and held at Salem Meeting house, Boone County, Ky., on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November, 1840.

“A FRIEND has furnished us with a document with the above title; and we regret that we cannot say anything in commendation of the proceedings of this body, or of the Spirit by which it is actuated. It is composed of eight fractions of churches, which have rent themselves from the North Bend Association, on account of the missionary spirit prevailing in that Association. They claim to represent 295 members; but as the bible assures us that no man ever yet resisted God and prospered, we are sure that all who oppose the spread of the gospel will be defeated; and these with the rest. We cannot forbear an expression of our unfeigned sorrow, in view of the direful effects of that fell spirit of discord and anti-christianity, which is manifested on the part of those misguided brethren who set themselves in array against the spread of the word of life; and in all sincerity we say, ‘Lord forgive them, they know not what they.’” Banner & Pioneer.

THE editors of the Banner & Pioneer seem to regret that they cannot speak well of these predestinarian Baptists, of Boone County, Ky.; but we entreat them to spare their grief; for if they had studied to frame a eulogy for these brethren they could not have better succeeded than by the insertion of the article above copied. It is as natural for the popular Arminian Baptists to hate Sarah's children as it is for war to exist between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. Old Ahab could speak in terms of strong commendation to Jehosaphat, of all his prophets; but, in speaking of the Lord's prophet, "There is" (said he) "one man Micaiah, by whom we may inquire of the Lord, but I hate him, for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil." 1 Kings xxii. 6, 8. Ahab's commendation and partiality to his four hundred prophets, were strong presumptive evidences to Jehosaphat that they were false prophets, while his hatred to Micaiah was good evidence that he was a prophet of the Lord. In the same light we hold the testimony of the Banner.

In venting its spleen against this little band of Predestinarian Baptists, the Banner places anti-christ precisely where Paul said he should be revealed, viz: So that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God: for Mr. W. charges their opposition to the New School party as opposition to God; and says, These must be defeated with all that oppose the spread of the gospel and resist God! In what particular do they resist God, or are they opposed to the spread of the gospel? Is it in that they believe in the universal government of God over all events, as expressed in the doctrine of predestination? Does this constitute their resistance of God? If so, then to believe the opposite sentiment (Arminianism) with the New School, would be consonant with the Divine will. Or is their opposition to the abominable deception and vile trickery practised under the modern missionary cover at this day, justly called opposition to the spread of the gospel? So these men would have us believe; but such is not the truth. The very reason why the Predestinarian Baptists have withdrawn their fellowship from the modern New School order, is that the latter have departed widely from both the doctrine and practice of the gospel of Christ; and for that reason they are commanded of God to withdraw from them: their withdrawal therefore instead of resistance of God, is in obedience to his divine precepts.

The Predestinarian Baptists are the only people on the earth that love the gospel of Christ, and these are the only people under heaven that will publish the gospel from a sincere love of it. Take away the salary of your modern missionaries, and see how many will remain in your field! But we challenge the New School to point out an instance, where any Predestinarian Baptist preacher, who trusted in the Lord was ever driven from the field where the Lord had stationed him, for want of funds. But the spirit that will disclaim, and retire from their God-dishonoring craft, and that leads the servants of the Most ugh to repose all confidence in him, is by the Banner denounced as a fell spirit! (meaning a devil!) of anti-christianity, and those brethren who are led by the influence of the spirit of truth, are denominated misguided brethren; because they are not guided by the secret conclave of dignitaries, who work the wires of the New School machinery, are not guided by the Board of Foreign or Domestic Missions - therefore these profane wretches dare to take the name of the Lord in vain, assaying to inform the Lord that his preachers and people "Know not what they do!"

New Vernon, N. Y.,
January 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials of Gilbert Beebe
Volume 1, Pgs 649-651