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“Rev. Dr. Demarest, one of the leading clergymen of the Dutch Church, left a very eligible charge in Newark, N.J., to settle in Chicago. One of the main reasons for leaving Newark was that he had ten years’ labor, in the form of sermons, of which he was desirous of availing himself. But alas! Literary wealth will take to itself wings. The car of the American Express Company, in which were his clothes and sermons, took fire, and all were consumed.”

Exchange Paper.

What a disaster to the Rev. Doctor! Did any of the apostles ever experience the like? Only think, ten years labor in manufacturing sermons, and only ten years salary realized from them; and that perhaps at the starvation rate of a few thousand dollars per annum! And just as the Doctor was moving them to a new market, without one shilling insurance on them, either in heaven or earth, in one fearful hour, alas! they are all dissolved in smoke. We suggest to the Doctor that he import from Holland or Germany a few barrels of Fire Proof Dutch Reformed Sermons, which can be bought very cheap in the old country; and as there is but very little weight in them, the cost of importation will not be much. Should our plan take, the Doctor could still fill his contract with the clever people of Chicago; and in consideration of the Doctor’s misfortune, we will charge him nothing for the suggestion.

Middletown, N.Y.
March 15, 1866.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 6
Page 311