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From the Baptist Record.


“I MAY here remark, that the accounts of those dear Baptist brethren, Fuller, Hyland, Carey, and others, as to the destitution of the East, laid the foundation of missions in America. Influenced by love to souls, they (four young men, Judson, Rice, Newel, and G. Hall,) were accustomed to pour out their hearts in prayer, at the back of a haystack, which was near to the college; and there called down a missionary spirit from heaven, which has proved the glory of our country.” - E. N. KIRK.


CERTAINLY nothing can be more just than to render honor to whom honor is due, and as Andrew Fuller and Co., have laid the foundation of missions in America, and as they instigated Judson, Rice, Newell and Hall to call down the missionary spirit, (or more properly to call it up) it is but justice that these gentlemen should have all the honor of the craft. We do think it most awfully presumptious for men to insult the Divine Majesty, by ascribing to God, as being dictated by his spirit, that which, by their own showing, was founded by Fuller and his companions in iniquity, and is prosecuted by a spirit under the dictation and control of Judson and his fellows, which they called down behind the hay stack.

When Zion's King sent forth his champions to preach the everlasting gospel, he gave them distinctly to understand that, they should be subject to the government of the Holy Spirit; but in that case honor belonged to God, and his glory will he not give to another, nor his praise to graven images. None were his counsellors, none his assistants in the grand work of calling, qualifying, sending forth or sustaining those whom he designated for the sacred work.

Is it not surprising that men who boast of their wisdom and erudition, should in one breath ascribe the missionary enterprise to Fuller, who denies the infallible efficacy of the blood of Christ to wash away all the sins of all for whom it was shed, and those of his sentiments, should in the next, as is not unfrequently the case, ascribe the whole work to God. If the writer of the above extract, or the Baptist Publication Society who have given currency to its sentiments, are so ignorant of the character, sovereignty and omnipotence of the Eternal Spirit as to suppose that Judson, and others were able to call him down, from heaven, we ask, can greater darkness brood over those heathen lands which they contemplate the conversion of, than those sable shades that so completely enfold the minds of every son of Adam who is capable of endorsing the sentiments expressed by them?

New Vernon, N. V.,
January 1, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 647 - 648