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AN obituary published in the last number of the Christian Index, (so called) after stating that the deceased little girl, (aged about 10 years) was “in a course of discipline to become an early follower of the blessed Jesus,” says: “Only a few hours before her death she desired that her little stock of money should be devoted to the missionary cause, thus casting all that she had into the Lord’s treasury. Blessed legacy! May the news of its glorious effects be conveyed to her in that paradise above by the heathen redeemed (under heaven) through its influence.”


THAT widows’ houses should be plundered, silly women led captive, laden with iniquity, the example of the unnatural wretch that boasted of withholding a house and home from his wife and children, and his conclusion to neglect the body (as he termed his brutal course) rather than the soul, and to contribute fifty dollars per annum to the popular institutions, (as mentioned in our 16th number,) should be lauded as an example worthy the imitation of christians by the American Baptist Mission Society; and that even the death-bed of little girls and boys should be haunted by these ravening wolves in human form, does not constitute all our objections to the benevolence (what a burlesque on the name!) of the New School. That on which we animadvert is, that persons claiming the Baptist name should be recognized as such while teaching the doctrines embraced in these extracts, viz:

1. That the child mentioned in the obituary was in a course of discipline .to become an early follower of the blessed Jesus; as though according to the Popish or Pedo-Baptist notion, we could train our children mechanically for heaven, without grace.

2. That the ill-gotten plunder clandestinely taken from the poor deluded, dying child, will redeem some from hell, for whom the blood and righteousness of Christ had failed to secure salvation.

3. That through the modern missionary humbug a way of communicating the affairs of earth to heaven is really brought into requisition.

4. That the harmony of heaven is frequently arrested by the arrival of heathens, redeemed by money, ascribing salvation to their golden idols, or to any other object than to. the abounding grace of God unto the chief of sinners, and consequently,

5. The introduction into heaven, and into the presence of a thrice holy God, whose glory he will not give to another, nor his praise to graven images, a system of downright idolatry, in direct terms blasphemously contradicting the express declaration of God himself, that he is the only Savior.

6. The evident bearing which this doctrine is designed to. have upon the weak, the ignorant and the dying, that the little gaudy effects which death is about to remove them from will not only serve as a peace offering to secure the divine favor for themselves, but that they possess a kind of super-rogatory virtue, sufficient to save others who, in the absence of it, would be eternally lost.

In the letter copied from the Watchman into our sixteenth number, with the introductory enconium by the Board of the American Baptist Mission Society, and the editorial puff, on which we were prevented from remarking at large, for want of room, we have the true spirit of the modern mission mania flowing from its very fountain. The Board of the great national institution, glorying in what should be their shame, furnished the letter to the Watchman, desiring its publication, because it exhibited so much of what they understand to be the spirit of the gospel, and in the hope that others may cherish the same spirit, and go and do likewise, viz: rob their families, and place that which a bountiful providence has furnished for the comfort of their wives and helpless children into their pious hands. Our object in again calling this subject up is to impress upon the minds of our readers what the Board of the American Baptist Mission Society profess to believe is the true Spirit of the gospel. Who would not hire missionaries to go to the ends of the earth to preach to the poor heathen that the true spirit of the gospel requires of them to neglect their wives and children, and give what they are now wasting in providing house and home and sustenance for their families to the mission institutions?

The editorial puff by the conductor of the Watchman deserves a passing remark. He says that a revival of religion has been recently enjoyed at the place where the letter was Written, and prays that the genuineness of all the revivals from which we hear may be evinced by equally precious fruits, (money.) What delicious fruits are these - twenty dollars, and a threat to rob his wife and two small children of thirty dollars more during the current year!

We see, as we have often seen before, that the spirit of the gospel, in their estimation, is the spirit that will give them money; the spirit that will rob one’s family, break asunder the sacred ties of conjugal obligation, that will make the husband neglect his wife, parents neglect their offspring, and make a man worse than infidel. (See 1 Tim. v. 8.) Yea., the spirit that would arrest the clammy hand of death itself to grasp a few pence which a dying child may be about to leave. Such a spirit, better suited to the character of the imps of hell, than to be coupled with the sacred name of the christian religion, is deemed by the New School Baptists productive of genuine revivals of religion, of the salvation of the heathen, and able to open a mail-route to the world of glory, to carry intelligence to departed spirits of what is on earth resulting from the idols which they in their lifetime have set up. May the Lord in mercy deliver us from such delusions, for ever and ever. Amen.

October 1, 1839.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 528 – 531