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Call for a council, and minutes of the Ordination of Elder Gilbert Beebe.

Among the papers found in our dear departed father's desk was an old account book dating back to the year 1818, and among other things it contained a copy of the above call and ordination, and believing it will be of interest to our readers we publish it, which reads as follows:


The Baptist Church in Hempstead, to the Baptist Church in Middletown, sendeth christian salutation.

DEAR BRETHREN: – Forasmuch as it has pleased the Almighty in the course of his divine providence to cast the lot of our brother Gilbert Beebe with us, and we being perfectly satisfied with his gift and qualification for the ministry, and also having obtained satisfactory information respecting his common deportment, we have concluded it will be for our satisfaction and comfort, as well as for the advancement of our Redeemer's kingdom in this place, to set him apart to the work whereunto the Holy Ghost has appointed him. We therefore earnestly request you to send you beloved Pastor, Elder J. W. Griffith, to sit in council with Elders D. Steers, L. Lathrop, J. F. Randolph and P. D. Gillett, on the 26th day of the present month, to examine, and if thought proper, ordain our brother. WE with christian ties of affection remain yours in Christ. Farewell.

Done at our regular meeting for business, this second day of November, 1823, and ordered to be signed by


This call was also extended to the churches at Warwick, Plainfield, Samptown, and to Eld. Daniel Steers.


The ministering brethren met at Hempstead, Rockland Co., N. Y., according to the request of the church, for the examination and ordination of G. Beebe, on the 20th day of January, 1824.

The meeting being opened with singing and prayer, Elder J. W. Griffith was chosen Moderato, and Elder P. D. Gillett Clerk.

The candidate was examined with regard to his christian experience, call to the work of the ministry, moral deportment, and views of doctrine and ordinances of the gospel.

Perfect satisfaction being obtained by the council, they proceeded as follows:

Sung 144th hymn, 2 Book.

Elder Grinnell prayed.

Sung 126th hymn, 1 Book.

Elder Zelotes Grinnel preached the ordination sermon from Mark xvi. 15, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

The candidate was then presented by the church to the council and received imposition of hands and prayer by Elder P. D. Gillett.

Sung the Psalm.

Charge by Elder J. W. Griffith, and the right hand of fellowship by Elder P. D. Gillett.

Elder Zelotes Grinnell made the concluding prayer and dismissed.

Signs of the Times
Volume 49, No. 13
July 1, 1881