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WHO that heard the old apostle Peter declare that the people of God were not redeemed with such corruptible things as silver and gold, would have anticipated the astonishing change which a few brief centuries would develope in the creed of those who profess to be members of the same church with that distinguished apostle of the Lamb? - with those who profess to be governed alone in all their religious faith and practice by the doctrine of the apostles and the precepts of Christ? The following verses, which we copy from the Cross and Journal, are going the round of the New School Baptist papers, with high commendation for their beauty and adaption to the modern mission cause. We soil a column of our present number with these filthy rhymes, to show our readers how much more real value and efficiency they attribute to a single penny, than they do to the blood of Christ and quicke4ing power of the Holy Ghost:


A grain of corn an infant’s hand
May plant upon an inch of land,
Whence twenty stalks may spring and yield
Enough to stock a little field.

The harvest of that field might then
Be multiplied to ten times ten,
Which, sown thrice more would furnish bread
Wherewith an army might be fed.


A penny is a little thing,
Which e’en a poor man’s child may fling
Into the treasury of heaven,
And make it worth as much as seven.

As seven! nay, worth its weight in gold,
And that increased a million fold;
For lo! a penny tract if well
Applied, may save a soul from hell.

That soul can scarce be saved alone,
It must, it will, its bliss make known;
‘Come,’ it will cry, ‘and you shall see
What great things God has done for me.’

Hundreds that joyful sound may hear:
Hear with their hearts as well as ear;
And these to thousands more proclaim,
Salvation in ‘the only name.’*

That ‘Only Name’ above, below,
Let Jews, and Turks, and Pagans know;
Till every tongue and tribe shall call
On ‘Jesus’** as the Lord of all!”

* Of pennies.
** Should read “pennies” to make sense.

A poor man’s child may be induced to approach one step nearer to the point of starvation, or to endure still keener sufferings of hunger, cold and distressing want, and throw his hard wrung penny, (the last farthing of all his earthly possessions, which should go to alleviate the wretchedness of his widowed mother or fellow suffering orphan babes) into the devouring jaws of these greedy wolves, under the delusive notion that he is enriching God, by casting a mite into the treasury of heaven, which if rightly applied by the fiscal agent of the heavenly treasury, will effect the eternal salvation of hundreds and thousands, who would otherwise be eternally lost, maugre the provisions of grace and redemption by Christ.

The New School Baptists represent God as having as little to do with the salvation of sinners, as he has in the tilling of the earth, ploughing, sowing, &c. In agriculture, one seed may vegetate and produce ten again and again, until multiplied to an indefinite amount. The quickening of dead souls, with them, is quite as mechanically performed by men, as the production of corn.

February 15, 1842.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 753 – 754