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“A man who was once scourged at a public whipping-post, and who probably still bears the marks of his flagellation on his back, has written a long communication to the “Signs of the Times,” in which he has exhausted the whole vocabulary of blackguardism in heaping abuse upon us. He effects to consider humself our superior, and turns up his nose in disdain at us. Very well we never expect to claim an equality with him, for we shall never covet the public destinction he has endured. This man is, but we have promised our readers to say as little as possible about the Old School men, and so will let the matter rest.” - Waller’s Banner.

WE are quite unable to determine with any certainly, which of the writers in the “Signs of the Times” Mr. Waller alludes to in the above pious effusion. True, we have our eye on one Old School Baptist preacher, whose writings have been introduced into our paper from time to time, and who has been, perhaps, more severe than any other in dealing out hard names upon Mr. Wailer’s craft, calling them Unruly and vain talkers, deceivers, evil beasts, slow bellies, liars, false teachers, dogs, concision, evil workers, full of all subtlely, children of the devil, &c., with very many other names equally unpleasant to the ears of the craft; and the last account we had of this Old School writer, he informed us that he still bore in his body the marks of our Lord Jesus. This hard mouthed Old School preacher and iron bound writer, was. brought up at the feet of Gamaliel, arrested by divine grace while on a missionary tour from Jerusalem to Damascus, having his pockets full of tracts, which he had received from the high priests; and subsequently thrust into the ministry by the King of Zion. His name is Paul. Besides Paul and Peter, with a few of their contemporaries of the primitive age of the gospel, we know of no one whose writings have been published in the “Signs of the Times,” who has ever been publicly whipped at the whipping-post, but we venture the opinion that if Mr. Waller had power equal to his disposition, very few, if any, who have published truth through our columns, would escape that public distinction which Mr. Waller does not covet. What say you John, are we right?

November 30, 1838.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 468 – 469