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THE following instance of fool-hardened presumption, rebuked as with a bolt from heaven, should serve as an awful warning to those religious fanatics, who, in the infatuation of their blinded zeal, defy the wrath of God by daring to present their lives, works, and property, as a price for the salvation of souls, and thus insulting that "one offering" of the immaculate Lamb of God, by which he "hath perfected forever all them that are sanctified." These blinded zealots generally profess to believe that the atonement made by Christ was universal, and designed for the salvation of all mankind. They must consider their offerings as more effectual, and, more intrinsically valuable, than the blood of Christ, or they could not presume that their life, labor, or wealth, could possibly effect what the blood of Jesus had failed to do. Therefore, they do most evidently "trample on the Son of God, and count the blood wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing, and do despite unto the spirit of grace." Is it, therefore, surprising that this wicked and presumptuous man was made an example of by him who will not give his glory to another, or his praise to graven images?

What can be more insulting to the Divine Majesty, than for poor, finite, guilty worms of the dust, to attempt the improvement of his counsels and decrees, to add to the election of grace, or to the provisions of grace and mercy something of their own invention or providence? Yet this is the grand ultimatum of all the New School schemes of the age.

"MYSTERIOUS PROVIDENCE. – During a recent revival in the Greenport Baptist Church, N.Y., a beloved deacon of the church, named Randall, having engaged in prayer, told the Lord that if his death could be the means of the conversion of sinners, he was willing to go. In about three minutes after he closed he was suddenly attacked with paralysis of his right side, and all sensation left him. He was carried home, and died after an illness of three days." – Baptist Record.

New Vernon, N.Y.,
May 1, 1844.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 430 - 431