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We understand the (Rev.) Doctor McCartee, of Goshen, in this county, is engaged in delivering a course of lectures on the subject of Baptism. This is a hazardous business; when Pædo-baptist doctors attempt a defense of rantism, they generally convince all their honest and intelligent hearers that they have no scriptural authority for their practice. The Doctor, however, as we are informed, (for we have not heard him,) has introduced a new argument. He says that when the primitive disciples administered immersion as baptism, the candidates were required to receive the ordinance naked, and if the Baptists would adhere to the primitive order they should imitate this part of the example. The learned Doctor reminds us of a certain attorney who attempted to establish the three following points in defense of his client, viz:

First. Said he, I will prove that the pitcher was broken when borrowed by my client.
Second. That it was whole when returned; and,
Third. That my client never borrowed it.

The Doctor and his associates assume that sprinkling is apostolical baptism, and contend that the Baptists err in holding that immersion is scriptural baptism, and sometimes deny that Jordan contained a sufficient quantity of water to immerse a person in; and yet, strange to relate, Dr. McCartee has discovered that the ancient disciples were immersed with their persons naked! Wonderful age, this!

New Vernon, N.Y.,
May 15, 1846

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Page 645