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IN the dark ages of Papal superstition, infatuated barbarians could be successfully imposed on, and hoaxed out of their money, by the reputed relics of former times, such as pretended fragments of the cross, pieces of the chain by which Peter was bound, or something of marvelous history. Those days have passed away; but the spirit of imposition and blind infatuation remains. Protestants who affected to be shocked with the superstitions of the Papists, can now present consecrated relics; the identical chair of the fabled Dairyman’s Daughter, or perhaps the nine hundred dollar shawl of Mrs. Judson. A real or fictitious Chinaman will produce a great excitement, and perhaps as liberal contributions in the city of New York, as the exhibition of Paul’s tobacco box or pipe, (if he ever used any) could have done in Italy or Spain in any preceding age. The following may serve as a specimen.

“CURIOSITY AT THE TABERNACLE. – The identical chair used by the “Dairyman’s Daughter,” was placed upon the stage at the tabernacle this morning. It is an old fashioned arm chair, with high back, primitive in appearance, but to every one who has read the ‘Dairyman’s Daughter,’ by Leigh Richmond, it Possesses impressive and touching interest. Chinaman, an intelligent young man also had a seat upon the stage, dressed in full Chinese costume. He seemed to look with calmness and even delight upon the vast and beautiful assemblage; he gave close attention to all the proceedings and kept his fan in constant motion during the entire session of the Society. He recently arrived here from the Celestial Empire with one of the missionaries.” – N. Y. Express.

New Vernon, N.Y.,
July 1, 1845

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 565 – 566