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“For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” (Heb. xiii. 14.)

HEREBY our brethren and friends throughout the extent of our circulation will be informed that in the beginning of next month (April) we expect, if the Lord will, to return to our old residence, and to the bosom of the dear church of Christ at New Vernon, Orange County, N. Y. We could occupy a large space upon the subject of our contemplated removal; but a few remarks must suffice for the present. We have never indulged a doubt that the Lord in wisdom and righteousness directed our course when we took up a temporary abode with a small, tried, persecuted, afflicted and proscribed company of precious brethren in this place: nor did we apprehend that the Righteous Disposer of all events designed that our stay in this place should be so transient; but so it is, and notwithstanding the Lord’s ways may seem dark and mysterious to our weak judgment, we know he orders all aright.

Since our removal to this place the church at New Vernon have not been able to fix their mind on any one to succeed us in the pastoral office. They have had some supplies, but have remained destitute of a pastor; and during the whole time of our sojourn in this land, they have not ceased to urge us to return to them. Their earnest solicitude has from time to time been referred to the judgment of the brethren of the Alexandria church, who have uniformly objected to release us from serving them: Thus have we been tied between two. ways. To hear and not heed the long continued cry of the church where we have spent more than ten years in the enjoyment of the society and fellowship of a little band of as. loving, plain and honest-hearted disciples of Christ as we have ever met with, was more than we could do; while the thought on the other hand, of leaving the church in this place, against their wishes, in the midst of their enemies, and that without an apparent prospect of their being able soon to settle among them some one in whom they could be united as a pastor, was painful. We have often said that if either of the two churches could be supplied, we would cheerfully fly to the other.

While on a journey to the north last June, there appeared to us what we thought a favorable opportunity for obtaining a supply for this place: this led us to give New Vernon Church more encouragement than we should have thought it prudent otherwise to have given. And after our return and consultation with brethren here, who seemed to hold views harmonious with our own, we ventured, as far as in us lay, to accept the call of the New Vernon Church. We now feel that a necessity is laid on us to return to our former location; for a little season, at least until the Lord in His holy providence shall further signify in what manner it is His pleasure to dispose of us. What adds greatly to our affliction in leaving our dear brethren and sisters in this place, is, that the prospect with which we had felt flattered has failed; and now this church have no one engaged to succeed in the pastoral charge. We know from whence Zion has a right to look for every necessary gift, and we hope and pray God may shortly send them one after His own heart, whose labors among them shall be blessed more abundantly than ours have been. And we earnestly invite (on our own responsibility) the ministers of Christ, to visit them as frequently as possible until they shall be more permanently supplied.

The church at Upper Broad Run, have obtained the labors of our esteemed Brother Trott; the Shiloh Church at Washington is at present destitute.

March 15, 1840.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 600 – 602