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THE apostle has warned the members of the christian church against being carried about by divers and strange doctrines, and urges the importance of their hearts being established with grace. It is essential, not only to our usefulness in our connection with the citizens of Zion, but also to our own individual peace and comfort. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” and is not therefore to be relied on in anything. However sincere or well meaning, he is at the mercy of every wind that blows. At one moment he professes firm and unshaken faith in the doctrine and order of the gospel, his faith appears to be sufficient to remove mountains, his zeal is ardent and love flaming; but alas! the wind veers about, and his ear is caught by some strange and novel sound, his eye is allured by some new wildfire light, and he is afloat upon the bosom of some treacherous and uncertain sea without chart or compass. To-day he mingles with the flock of Jesus, weeps in sympathy for their tears, burns with ardent devotion when they pray, sounds the highest notes when they sing, and participates with them in all the variety of their exercises – anon he is seen in the ranks of the alien, laboring to impeach the doctrine of Christ, joins in the clamor of those who ridicule the experience of the children of God, and is loud and long in repudiating the order of the house of God. Again, as though conscious of his propensity to err, he seeks a middle way, places himself between the firing of the two conflicting interests of Christ and Belial, and offers a treaty of peace to both. Such professors of religion are never to be relied on; they cause continual agitation and turmoil in the church, and, so far as their influence is felt among the young and weak of the saints, cause wavering and fear.

Now while the dread hurricane of delusion and heresy is sweeping our country with all kinds of false doctrines, how important it is that the saints should be established in the truth, should have on the whole armor of righteousness, and having done all, stand fast; firmness and decision are very important. No one should take the Old School Baptist stand who can conveniently be anything else, and certain]y one might suppose there is very little inducement among its to allure those who wish to be in favor with the world, the flesh or Satan. Those who from thorough conviction of the correctness of the ground we occupy find a necessity laid on them to join our ranks, will be likely to endure hardness as good soldiers, and count all things but dross for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord. Such persons will be stable, and such will prove a blessing to Zion in comforting, encouraging and confirming the feeble and the wavering, and to such we bid a hearty welcome to bear with us the cross and share with us the crown.

We are informed the apostles went about confirming the souls of those who believed. If those who are strong among the flock of Christ would copy the apostolic example, and endeavor to strengthen the bands that hang down and confirm the feeble knees, the result would be more happy than to denounce all who, for want of deeper experience and more extensive instruction, have failed to come up to their standard of orthodoxy. If the strong are required to bear the infirmities of the weak, let the energies of those who by reason of age are able to digest the strong meat, remember that the lambs require to be fed on the sincere milk of the word that they may grow thereby. We certainly need to have in exercise all the gifts of the Spirit with all wisdom and patience, that we may put to flight the armies of the aliens, and dash all their little ones against the wall, and at the same time “Hurt not the corn nor the oil.”

Nov. 15, 1842.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 92 – 94