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THE present is peculiarly a time in which the children of God are called on to “Watch and pray, lest they enter into temptation.” The gathering clouds which darken our sky, portend the near approach of tribulation and distress. The spirit of persecution that would storm the citadel of Sion, and pour forth the blood of the saints, now stalks through our country, glides through the air, and sounds in deceptive, mellow and honied tones, from pulpit and from press; while all that is gaudy, popular and attracting to the carnal heart and the uncircumcised ear or the adulterous eye, is brought into requisition, to facinate, bewilder and captivate the children of God, to draw them from their steadfastness in the faith and practice of the gospel, into the ranks of the enemy. An unsuccessful experiment of open hostility against the people of the living God, for almost six thousand years, has scarcely convinced the enemy that Sion’s battlements are invincible. Preparations are evidently now making for one more desperate onset. The floodgates of error and delusion are now being unbarred, the impetuous torrent seems impatient to leap forth and inundate the whole land; the ambitious clergy, and their ever restless laity, are bringing all their projects to one central point, and looking out the most advantageous position to be by them occupied during the sanguinary struggle that now makes haste to overtake us. It is all in vain for us to think of safety from our national republican institutions, or the light and patriotism of the citizens of this great republic. The siren song is only calculated to hasten the preparation for the dreadful catastrophe. As well might we “go down to Egypt for help,” as to look for it in anything short of that hand by which the Egyptian yoke was broken, and that almighty arm by which the chosen people of our God were made free.

“Dangers stand thick through all the ground.” And it becomes us, who have renounced the world, the flesh and the devil, to enter into the Rock - turn to our strong hold; and at the same time to fight manfully the good fight of faith, trusting alone for victory in the name of the Lord our God.

September 15, 1841.

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 1
Pages 715 – 716