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THE following are extracted from an old collection of the laws of Virginia. They appear to have been in force as late as the year 1773, in which year the “Collection was published” at Williamsburg. The first Act in the book provides for the erection of a church or chapel of ease in every parish.

“Chapter III. An Act against persons that refuse to have their children baptized.

“Whereas many schismatical persons, either out of averseness to the orthodox established religion, or out of the new fangled conceits of their own heretical invention, refuse to have their children baptized;

“Be it therefore enacted by the present General Assembly and authority thereof, That all and every person or persons, that in contempt of the divine sacrament of baptism, shall refuse, when they may carry his or their child or children to a lawful minister in that county where he or they dwell, to have them baptized, shall be amerced two thousand pounds of tobacco, half to the parish and half to the informer.” – Southern Literary Messenger.

New Vernon N. Y.,
Jan. 16, 1843

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Page 133