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WITH this number we close the present volume of our publication, and we would desire to return unfeigned thanks to our heavenly Father, that he has not only spared our life, but also sustained us through the labors of the receding year. With what success we have labored is not for u to say; but we indulge the hope that our labor has not been altogether in vain. We have heard of some of the poor of the flock of Jesus who have been comforted, encouraged, edified and built up in their most holy faith by the communications of our correspondents through our columns. Information concerning each other has been communicated and received, greatly to the consolation of our brethren generally, and the bonds of union and christian fellowship have been greatly strengthened.

We have had many obstacles to encounter: but, as we trust, through him that has loved us, we have surmounted them all; and are now prepared to commence and prosecute the labors of the next volume with such ability and success as our Lord shall please. Our hearty thanks we tender to those brethren and friends, in all the states, who have kindly aided us, both by the extension of the circulation of our paper, and by their contributions to fill up our columns with interesting matter. And although many of our subscribers have been tardy, both in writing and making payments, such has been the promptness of others as to enable us to bear up under the pressure of embarrassments. We sincerely hope that all our delinquent subscribers will bear in mind that we need what is due us from them to enable us to meet the demands of our creditors.

We hope that our former patrons will still continue their support to this paper; but such as do not design to continue to aid us, will please give us immediate notice. To those who may favor us with their continued subscriptions, we can only pledge ourself, that so far as God shall give us ability, no pains nor reasonable expense shall be wanting on our part to render our paper worthy of their patronage.

New Vernon, N.Y.,
December 15, 1843

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 371 – 372