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WITH this number we complete twelve years’ toil and labor in the publication of the SIGNS OF THE TIMES. To pretend that perfection has adorned our labors, or that we have nothing to regret of human frailty in the discharge of our duty to our patrons, would be vain and presumptuous; but, under all the circumstances connected, we have, as we believe, been able to give general satisfaction to our Old School Baptist brethren, for whose especial service this publication was first brought into being. A careful retrospect of the past will show what service to the cause of truth has been rendered by the semi-monthly visits of our paper. Among those, not the least important, we may name the seeking out of our scattered brethren, and introduction of those residing far distant, to each other, and opening for them a convenient and cheap medium of correspondence. When we contemplate the pleasure of christian correspondence, how frequently the hearts of brethren and friends of Zion have been made glad by the reception of good news from a far country, the relief experienced by brethren and churches, placed in trying circumstances, from the condolence, advice and hearty greeting of sympathizing brethren and churches, the opportunity of setting forth gospel truth, and of defending the truth publicly from the foul aspersions of those who have publicly attacked it, the facility of increasing light by a friendly and judicious discussion of difficult objects involving the doctrine, order and practice of the gospel and the gospel church, and the opportunity afforded of warning the saints in all parts of the country of the movements of the alien army, we feel assured that our labors have not been altogether in vain.

New Vernon, N.Y.,
December 15, 1844

Elder Gilbert Beebe
Editorials Volume 2
Pages 509 – 510