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[Elder William Beebe, formerly of New York State, was residing in Georgia, and attending the churches of the Old School Baptist order there when the War Between The States began. (William was ordained in Georgia just after the war.) He served in the Confederate Army until captured by Northern forces and was imprisoned in Ohio. The following correspondence with his father, Elder Gilbert Beebe, was the results of his disagreement with a circular letter from the Warwick Association upon the subject of brethren taking up arms against brethren. That this was then, and is now, a difficult subject can be seen from the excellent points made by both writers. They were father and son, fellow yoke servants with Christ, brethren in the church of the Living God, and yet abiding in nature under opposing and bitterly antagonistic governments. Men of lesser gifts, or lacking the long-suffering nature of their Redeemer might well have been much more vitriolic and mean spirited in their arguments. - EJP]

[Though these letters were in direct reference to as stated above, "The War Between the States". Truth is truth is truth!! What is truth in reference to this war above, is also truth in reference to any war that comes about. Whether it is the "War on Terror" that is going on now, or one that will probably be right around the corner. The truth of Scripture does not change with the times or situations. As you read these wonderful letters and responses, please keep that in mind. - Tom]