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South-hill Bradford co., Pa., June 23, 1843.

BROTHER BEEBE: – The Chemung Association closed yesterday, and we enjoyed a precious season together in the presence of Zion’s King: for though we had only br. Pitcher as a corresponding messenger from any of our sister Associations, yet the presence of our Bridegroom, at least made up the lack of other agreeable company. We were refreshed with corresponding letters from only two Associations, but we were comforted with the preaching of the word in a lucid manner. What little business we had to do was very harmoniously done. There appeared such harmony in the letters from several of the churches, that the following resolutions were carried without much demur, and I believe with a dissenting vote.

1st. Resolved, That we will hereafter be governed in our Association by the testimony of God in the gospel of his Son, as the rule of our decorum is therein contained; and, viewing that to be sufficient, we desire no humanly devised constitution by which to be governed in associating with our brethren of sister churches.

2d. Resolved, That our associating as churches by messengers, &c., shall be with such church as may invite us, or as shall be agreed upon from time to time, and under the supervision thereof, that such church shall lead therein as wisdom may be given according to divine testimony.

As our corresponding letter for last year was not found in the Signs, and probably not read in the Warwick Association; and as we had the minutes of only two Associations sent us, that arrived, please be so kind as to notice in the Signs that Hezekiah West, South-hill, Bradford co., Pa., will gratefully receive the favor of a copy of the latest printed minutes of any of the Old School Baptist Associations, with which the Chemung Association corresponds, went to him by mail: and hopes, that the corresponding letter of the Chemung Baptist Association, being published in the Signs of the Times, Advocate and Monitor and the Primitive Baptist, will be received by such as she corresponds with, as affording them sufficient information to enable them to keep up the correspondence with her if they wish so to do.

As it respects my health of body, I am now so far recovered as to hope to be able to attend the Allegany Association.

I am sorry that you have been afflicted with sickness in your family, but believe it will work for your good.

The cup though it’s bitter will work for our good,
The bitter is sweet, the medicine food:
Where God has designed it, and sends it in love,
On purpose to fit us for dwelling above.

I will close with assurances of my sympathy in your troubles as far as I am capable, and of my warm attachment to you, as one whom I believe to be engaged in the cause of truth as of the ability which God has given.


Signs of the Times
Volume 11, No. 13
July 1, 1843