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BROTHER BEEBE: – In thinking of your contest with Mr. Waller about your visit to the North; I thought whether you were not rather hasty in charging him so high with having not “the least apparent regard to truth.” In saying, “Mr. Beebe boasts that during his late trip to the North he received quite a comfortable supply of cash for his preaching.”

Now though all the worshippers of Israel’s God would have known at once, on reading your account of that visit, that there was not in the least room for them to think that you said any such thing, or that there was any boasting about it; as you ascribe your comfort, and the abounding fulness, to the enjoyment of the presence of the LORD. Yet I think that Mr. Waller being an idolator, it should not be much wonder that he thought you was boasting of receiving “quite a comfortable supply of cash.” And inasmuch as he could not tell what else you ment, but, plenty of cash, by the language, “We lacked nothing, we were full, yea, we abounded, for lo, He was with us.” I think the conclusion legitimate and fair, if not unavoidable; (judging from his own language,) that CASH is his LORD. Had he not been a worshipper of CASH, he doubtless would have thought that you might mean something else by your language, “for lo, He was with us.” I think surely if he was a worshipper of Jesus, he might, (when you refer directly to Him, for the supply of comfort,) have thought that the abounding fulness flowed from Christ; and not from CASH. But supposing him to be a worshipper of Mammon, and not acquainted with Elijah’s God, who could send ravens, or angels at his pleasure to feed his servants; or support them without food, or preserve the meal and oil, that it should not waste; though fed upon every day; it is not so strange that CASH should be what he supposed you to mean. Though I confess he seems to be more stupid than the colony planted in Samaria by Shalameser King of Assyria, for they did think, when the lions troubled them, that there was a God with whom they were not acquainted, and acknowledged it, and sent to the king of Assyria instead of the Most High, for a missionary to be stationed among them; to teach them the manner of the God of Samaria, See 2 Kings xvii.

Yours in love of the truth.
South-hill, Pa., January 2, 1839.

Signs of the Times
Volume 7, No. 2.
January 15, 1839