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South-hill, Bradford Co., Pa., Dec. 29, 1840.

DEAR BROTHER BEEBE: – I have been preserved by the kind hand of Providence, to go my journey and return, in which I experienced some trials and fatigue, some joys, and more expressions of kindness from God and my fellow man than I deserved; for which may the Lord make me truly thankful. Among the various circumstances that somewhat attracted my attention, I will notice one, which was the habit that many have fallen into of telling the truth when they do not mean to. As an instance of the kind, I will mention the common method of expression, of hiring preachers. The expression hiring has become so common that ministers talk boldly about their hiring out to preach, and the people as boldly about hiring their preachers; and if we give them credit for telling the truth (and I am perfectly willing to) it shows beyond contradiction that their ministers are a set of hirelings by their own testimony. Yet I very much doubt whether they would peaceably bear it if one of the Old School brethren should call them a set of hirelings. Now if they do not mean to bear the character of hirelings that will flee when the wolf comes, because they care not for the flock, they most certainly tell the truth and do not mean to, when they talk so boldly about hiring out to preach. But I must leave this and turn to something else.

The proposals for a visit from you next summer must come next under consideration. The Warwick Association commences June 9th; and on the 12th and 13th I understand you calculate to have an Old School meeting at New Vernon. The Chemung Ass’n. commences on the 25th and occupies three days. There will then be time, if you wish, for to attend the Lexington Association and return, or to do any other business you may think proper that week. And leave home on Monday the 21st, and attend an Old School meeting at Jackson on the 23d, on your way to the Chemung, which sits at Warren, Bradford Co., Pa. If you lodge at br. Kimber’s or br. L. Harding’s, after the meeting at Jackson, you may ride from thence to Warren on the 24th, and attend the Chemung on the 25th. On Monday, 28th, ride to the neighborhood where br. Rowland now lives; 29th to Slabtown; 30th to Eld. Burritt’s. Friday, July 2d, attend an Old School meeting somewhere in the neighborhood of Elder Calbert’s brethren, to end on the 4th: then there will be four days to the sitting of the Alleghany Association which commences on Friday, 9th, and continues three days. And as I am unacquainted with the road from br. Calvert’s neighborhood to the place of the sitting of the Alleghany Association, I can at present make no further calculation, only I suppose it to be somewhere about two days ride through (probably) a country inhabited by the children of the flesh or Hagarenes.

These from yours, I hope in the bonds of indissoluble affection.

Signs of the Times
Volume 9, No. 2.
January 15, 1841