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Jackson, Pa., Feb. 11, 1837.

BROTHER BEEBE: – We have reason to rejoice in the midst of all our afflictions, because the Lord reigns: and frustrateth the tokens of liars; and has proved that Zion is safe in his keeping. Joseph was as safe in prison in Egypt as he could have been in his father’s house, or when he was raised next to the throne of Pharaoh. Moses was as safe in the ark made of bullrushes in the River Nile among the Aligators, and lying under the murderous edict of Egypt’s proud king, as in any other circumstance in his life. And it was as certain then, that he should lead Israel through the Red Sea and the wilderness to the borders of the promised land, as when he was on the Mount receiving the law from the mouth of the Holy One. And though I should fill my sheet in reciting instances of apparent dangers and enumerating the trials that God’s people have been presented in and have passed through; I should only begin to present what may be read in the Bible and is in a measure realized in the experience of all the faithful in Christ Jesus in the perilous time in which we live. To see the falling away and departing from the faith of those with whom we have walked to the house of God and have taken sweet council; and to witness their giving heed to seducing spirits, doctrines of devils and manifesting such a hostile spirit towards those who wish to adhere to the word of God as their only rule of faith and practice, is trying indeed to the children of the kingdom.

But the arm of God is omnipotent, and with it he gathers his lambs, and though they are shivering with the chilling blasts and crying because of the pelting of the storm and fearing and trembling because of their weakness; yet they are safe for he carries them in his bosom. My time is almost wholly taken up in travelling and trying in my feeble manner to feed the flock of God which he hath purchased with his own blood.

I get but very little time to write, but if you think proper to publish this, you may tell brother Ellis that as soon as providence opens the way, I will send you some remarks on the xxxiv. chapter of Ezekiel, and you may publish them, or some of your own, or both if you please.

As there is no agent any where near this place, I would name Arnold Botch to you to be appointed as your agent here.

Yours with much esteem,

Signs of the Times.
Volume 5, No. 4.
February 10, 1837