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South-hill, Bradford co., Pa., Sept. 7, 1843.

BROTHER BEEBE: – I wish through your columns to acknowledge the kindness of the Lord in so far restoring my health, and so directing in his providence that I have been enabled with some series of affliction. When in affliction there is a remembrance of favors once enjoyed, and often abused; and a sense of deserving to have them taken away, attended with a soul-humbling view of God’s goodness and our unworthiness, the mind is somewhat prepared for enjoying a grateful sense of loving kindness in the restoration of favors forfeited, with a longing desire to improve them to divine acceptance.

Whether as it respects myself, the sentiments above expressed are really the feelings of my heart, or only of my head; whether they are theoretic, or heart-felt experience, I shortly shall know for a certainty. But I now think that the child of grace can witness that they are true. I desire never to forget either the kindness of the Lord to a poor old sinner, or the welcome so universally manifested among the brethren wherever I went. And I would also notice that by reason of my beast being wounded, I was disappointed in going to some places I had desired to visit. And whether I shall ever again in this world visit the brethren in Davien and Phelps, is known only to the Lord. O that with him I could as sensibly and quietly leave all future events respecting myself, as I can theoretically be satisfied that he governs all worlds, controls all events, and will do all his pleasure. That he has a right to do, that it is right he should do what he will with his own, and that whatever he does and will do, is, and will be right. It was through his provident kindness that I was prepared and enabled to leave home; the same preserved me while absent from home, gave me favors in the eyes of the brethren, provided supplies for my numerous needs, and returned me in safety to my residence, and the embraces of friends, and brethren, and sisters at home. And now I am at home, in the region roundabout, he finds employment for me.

Yours in hope of eternal life,

Signs of the Times
Volume 11, No. 19
October 1, 1843