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How long, deal Saviour, O how long
Shall we be left alone?
When shall our hearts break forth in song,
And say, “the Lord is come?”

How long shall we on willows hang
Our harps by Babel’s stream?
Once we rejoiced aloud and sang,
And Jesus was our theme.

We long to see thy smiling face,
We long to hear thy voice,
We long to see a new-born race
Aloud in God rejoice.

The day of doom is drawing near,
We have no time to spare;
Let every one attend and fear,
And live a life of prayer.

Oh! gracious God! appear this day, (night,)
Make known thy power and grace,
And let thy word of truth, we pray, (and light,)
Fill every heart with praise.

Elder John Leland
Published in 1836

The Writings of The Late Elder John Leland
Published originally in 1845
Page 682