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How solemn the sight we behold!
How pale is the face of the dead!
The body is lifeless and cold,
The spirit that warmed it, is fled.

The eyes are now sealed up in death,
The hearing and speaking are o’er,
The lungs are deprived of all bristle,
The limbs move in order no more.

Farewell! fellow-mortal, adieu,
The grave is prepared for your bed;
Soon I shall be lifeless, like you,
And numbered, like you, with the dead

When thro’ the dark valley I go,
Oh, may my dear Saviour appear!
His presence would banish my wo,
His promise remove all my fear.

Let all who are living to day,
Remember they shortly roust die;
Which first will be summoned away?
My merciful God, is it I?

Elder John Leland
Published in 1836

The Writings of The Late Elder John Leland
Published originally in 1845
Pages 682 – 683