As with most of the articles on this site, these are here for their historical value. Please do as Scripture exhorts and test all things no matter who wrote it!

  1. Advertisement: Great Reward Offered   (Added:6/17/10)
  2. A Memorial   Written at the request of his daughter. (Added:9/17/10)
  3. Anonymously to Elder James Whitsitt   (Added: 6/16/10)
  4. Appendix: To A Pamphlet Written By Reverend Justus Hull.   (Added: 9/16/10)
  5. Bible, The   (Added: 6/17/10)
  6. Bible Baptist, The   (Added: 9/7/10)
  7. Biography   Events In The Life Of John Leland: Written By Himself   (Added: 9/21/10)
  8. Biography 2   Further Sketches Of The Life Of John Leland   (Added: 9/21/10)
  9. Budget Of Scraps, A   A gathering of essays originally published as a pamphlet. (Added: 9/7/10)
  10. Catechism   (Added: 9/9/10)
  12. Extracts From A Letter To A Friend   (Added: 9/15/10)
  13. Extracts From A Letter to Rev. John Taylor of Kentucky   December 10, 1830   (Added: 6:30/10)
  14. Extracts Of A Letter From J. L. To His Inquisitive Friend.   (Added: 9/16/10)
  15. Facts And Questions   (Added: 9/15/10)
  16. Form Of A Charge To A Candidate At His Ordination.   (Added: 9/16/10)
  17. Free Thoughts On Times And Things   (Added: 6/16/10)
  18. History Of Jack Nips, The   (Added: 9/22/10)
  19. Isaiah 6:6-7   A sermon preached at the ordination of Luman Birch. (Added: 10/30/12)
  20. Isaiah 10:27.   Transcribed from memory of a message given. (Added: 9/16/10)
  21. Jarring Interest Of Heaven Reconciled   Colossians 1:20 (Added: 9/8/10)
  22. Leland Again   Extracts from an essay on the Sabbath   (Added: 9/15/10)
  23. Letter To The Editor of the Baptist Chronicle, at Georgetown KY.   (Added: 9/15/10)
  24. Letter To Hon. G. N. Briggs   (Added:6/17/10)
  25. Letter To Mrs. Amey Peatross   (Added: 9/15/10)
  26. Letter To The Rev. O. B. Brown   A letter explaining a false accusation against Elder Leland (Added: 9/3/10)
  27. Letter To Thomas Bingham, Esq.   (Added: 9/16/10)
  28. Letter To Thomas Buck.   (Added: 9/17/10)
  30. Missionary Societies   (Added: 9/9/10)
  31. Mosaic Dispensation, The   A Signs of the Times Communication (Added: 6/16/10)
  32. OATHS   A section of fragments that were found after the death of Elder Leland. (Added: 9/3/10)
  33. Of Ministerial Duties &c.   (Added:6/17/10)
  34. On Sabbatical Laws   (Added: 9/9/10)
  35. POETRY
  36. Sabbath Examined, The   (Added: 6/17/10)
  37. Short Reflections.   (Added: 9/16/10)
  38. The Third Epistle Of John.   Diotrephes and Demetrius. (Added: 9/16/10)
  39. Thoughts   Just some wandering thoughts   (Added: 9/15/10)
  40. Transportation Of The Mail   (Added: 9/15/10)
  41. Which Has Done The Most Mischief In The World, The Kings-Evil or Priest-Craft?   (Added: 9/10/10)


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