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JESUS who reigns in heaven above,
His everlasting love flows free;
Thousands have richly shared his love,
And is there not a drop for me?

For sinners of the blackest dye,
He groaned and bled upon the tree,
“Father, forgives” I hear him cry! —
Perhaps that prayer availed for me?

He seeks the ruined souls of men,
And gives them life and eyes to see;
And brings them to his fold again;—
Who knows but what he’ll gather me?

In all the sorrows of the saints,
Their friend with them will always be,
To ease their troubles and complains;
And will he not deliver me?

When Satan roars, or death draws night
They have a refuge where to flee,
And when, like them, I’m call’d to die,
O Lord, I Pray, remember me.

Elder John Leland
Published in 1836

The Writings of The Late Elder John Leland
Published originally in 1845
Page 683 – 684