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Covington, GA., May 15, 1860.

In reply to brother Wm. E. Freeman of Montgomery, Ala., as to his question, “How often should we commemorate the death of our Savior, by coming around his table to partake, as it were, of his broken body and shed blood,” we will state that we do not consider there is any definite time mentioned; nor how often it should be observed, particularly described in the New Testament, but that the followers of Jesus should obey Christ in the faithful observance of the Lord’s Supper, and as often as they do it they should do it in remembrance of Him who suffered and died for them. And in so doing they show forth the Lord’s death until he come. It would seem at, and after the Pentecostal time for a season, it was observed daily by the saints according to the 2nd chapter of Acts, and once on the first day of the week as recorded in Acts 20:7. But as it is binding upon the church as a duty and privilege to observe, it should not be neglected. About all the Primitive Baptist churches of our acquaintance in the Northern, Eastern and Southern States, and in the British Province of Canada, generally practice it the Sunday following their regular Conferences. Some observe it every month, others every two or three months, or once a year, according to the time every church has appointed for that purpose. Each church has the right to appoint the time, either every week or month, or every three or four months, as she in her judgment may think proper. But in its observance, at all times, it should be done in remembrance of Jesus. And in no case, if the church is in gospel order, should it be neglected. Brother Freeman says, “We have divers opinions in reference to the matter in this section of country.” Opinions, simply, do not amount to much, how often it should be observed unless there is Scriptural proof to the point. It is enough to know that the Scriptures teach, as often as ye do this ye do show forth the Lord’s death, and also, do this in remembrance of me. We will state however, that the more frequently it is observed a liability to become careless and indifferent in its observance, is often manifest, and considering the solemnity of the ordinance, the Lord’s people should observe it with punctuality and with feelings of devotion and humility before God.

J.L. Purington.