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The unworthy publishers of this paper were recently exposed to an article in a "so-called" Primitive Baptist periodical that was as bold and calculating against the absolute predestination of all things as we believe we have ever read. The article in point suggested, or clearly recommended that the less that was said about predestination the better, as it caused confusion among the Lord's people. We will readily agree, based on personal observation over the years, that it will cause confusion among the goats, briars, tares, and wolves, but deny that it ever elicited anything but praise among the elect children that were given eyes to see, and ears to hear. Brethren; be warned!! The denial of any doctrine of God's Holy Word is a very, very serious matter. We ask: Is it any less dreadful to deny God's concise government than to deny the Virgin birth? Where is the difference? If we can decide for ourselves what is suitable and what is not for the flock of God to partake of then we had just as well close shop and join with the Romanist movement, for they have perfected that odious practice.

We wish for there to be no misunderstanding among our brethren on this vital matter. There are many dear ones scattered about this globe whom we humbly feel to be the children of the heavenly King that do not seem to believe the doctrine of absolute predestination as our people and churches do. But this does not make them enemies of the cross, simply because they have never seen this wondrous truth, does it? No indeed! The difference between them, and the opponents of the truth is just that - opposition to the truth. We often see those who give evidence of a work of grace that never have much to say about the sovereignty of God, or His government. But, they are not always fighting the truth either, and this, we feel, is important. The true opponent of the doctrine, however, is always caviling about the danger of the absoluter's views. "Extreme!" "Gone to seed!" "Unfit for the children of God!" "Rocking the Saints to sleep in the cradle of grace!" And so on and on. We ask; is the absolute predestination of all things the truth, as from God, or is it a lie? If it be admitted that it is the truth, however hard it may appear to some, then can it be extreme? Can so much be said on it by those who find it to be meat and drink that we can be accused of going to seed, and yet all the while it is the truth as from God? Can any truth really be unfit for the little ones?

We offer a suggestion to those among us that wish to silence the doctrine we were organized on. If you cannot be reconciled to the absolute predestination of all things, and those that preach it, then go out from among us, and join that group that you feel is more suitable to your tender feelings. The conditionalist never preaches on absolute predestination, except to condemn it, and those who hold it. The Reformed Baptists, and kindred orders are too busy promoting gospel regeneration to say much about predestination either. And we are sure there are other groups of varying shades of doctrine that are much quieter on this matter than some of us are; so look about.

J.F. Poole
The Remnant
Volume 3, No. 6
November - December, 1989