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Most of our readers are now aware of the doctrines we promote in this paper, but we want to make them perfectly clear in the event there are those yet unsure.

If there is any one doctrine we wish to expressly make ourselves clear on it is the Absolute Predestination of all Things, both good and evil. We consider this the one doctrine that sets us apart from the other papers being circulated. We know of only one exception. If there are others we are not aware of them.

Since the first sinner was saved by grace there has been considerable conflict regarding the extent of God's predestination. Nothing has changed, and so today there yet rages in the hearts of many a hatred towards this doctrine, and the most bitter feelings toward those who dare advocate it. This has been reflected to some extent by the isolation, or cutting off of the preachers of the gospel who dare promulgate this doctrine. Let it be known that some of the servants of the most High will not be dissuaded by revilings, threats, or other forms of religious coercion. To those who have tasted that the Lord is gracious, the Absolute Predestination of all Things is the sweetness that flows from the very pages of God's Word, bringing us the grand story of a certain redemption in Christ; a full pardon of sins, and an abiding presence of the Comforter to sustain in the hours and days of trial and grief. Why, we ask, would any poor sinner wish to fend for themselves in a duty system, replete with rewards for good, and punishment for failure? For our part we feel fully satisfied to rest in a salvation made sure by eternal decree. The Lord either reigns over all or He doesn't. Assuming He does reign over all then we would ask, Has there ever been a time when He did not reign? The conclusion in inescapable. God has either reigned from everlasting over all or He is to some extent not all supreme. To think otherwise is to fly swiftly to rank Arminianism or worse, if such could be.

We once illustrated in preaching the view of a car traveling down a dusty road. We contended that every speck of dust would settle exactly where God had predestinated for it to light. The uproar was swift and furious. "That's Absolutism! We don't carry predestination that far" was the outcry of a number in the congregation. We ask, how far then, did they carry it if not all the way. The response: "We draw a line between predestination and the heresy of Absolute Predestination. We don't go all the way." Our response was if they could show us from the Bible where to draw the line between some or all predestination we would stop with them. Until such could be shown we fully intended to preach it "all the way."

Since that day long ago we have made many more enemies than friends by going "all the way." There is a blessed consolation, however. We would not trade the sweet fellowship of the little remnant that also believes Absolute Predestination for all the so-called friends the world holds, if that friendship was contingent on a compromise of this doctrine. We humbly say we had rather stand alone than give up what we feel in our heart the Lord has taught us.

Despise us if you will. Our eternal state is sublimely resting in a God who did absolutely declare the end from the beginning, and all the so called vagaries that might lie between.


The Remnant
July - August 1988