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As we begin a new paper, "The Remnant", we recognize how very inadequate we are both naturally and spiritually. We would desire that this, as any paper, would be both spiritually and naturally profitable. Especially would we desire it to be informative, instructive and interesting. If any of these objectives are attained, to God be all the glory.

As was seen from our Prospectus the greatest emphasis we felt at this time should be laid on our predestinarian views. Not that by any means we believe predestination to be the paramount doctrine in the Bible. However, there is no doubt in our mind that every Bible doctrine is influenced by the subject of predestination. With an emphasis on predestination we would pause to say we have no desire whatever to condemn or vilify those individuals who may differ with us or who cannot see as we do on the subject. It is not our aim to persecute any, or to ridicule, but rather to maintain the high standards of the simple truths we believe God has taught us. We will not shun to defend the truth even if error and false doctrine strenuously object. Let it be known, however, that in no instance do we desire to offend the least of God's children in any way or for any cause.

Having thus said, we will affirm our willingness to print matter that on some points we may not agree - so long as we are able to reserve the right to offer our opposing views. If there are those who read in the pages of this paper such things as they would like to shed additional light on, or honest differences with they may feel free to do so. Again, we reserve the right for Editorial comment. Such comment will not be used to impune the character or wisdom of those who respond. We do not necessarily seek articles for publication, but will consider any that our readers may wish to submit.

One area of concern, and it is a concern that has been ours for a period of years, is the extreme emphasis some put on dreams and visions in their experiences. While we know the Lord has spoken to many in dreams and the Bible abounds with visions, our questions arise when we find those who have received such placing their own interpretations on them. Throughout the Bible when one was given a dream it was invariably interpreted by another and not themselves. Thus, we would say that while we find no fault with those who treasure those things we will be highly reluctant to publish any in this periodical. Our emphasis, rather, will be on exposition and brief articles on subjects of interest. And as was stated in our Prospectus we desire to make useful information available to brethren so that they might better correspond with distant brethren, find places to meet and know the dates and places of church meetings, Associations, etc.

A number of brethren have sent in the addresses and times of meeting for their churches and Associations. We shall be glad to publish them but please observe that thought we may publish a number of them together in the space of one paper it does not necessarily mean that those brethren either correspond or fellowship with one another. In many cases we do not know or really care what the status between the churches and Associations are. It is only our desire to offer the information for those who might be interested. We know of several Association meetings that we have received already that are somewhat at odds with one another for various reasons. As regrettable as it is, these problems do exist and we must acknowledge that it is so. Again, we state forthrightly "The "Remnant" will take no position on local issues.

The first few issues of this paper may appear to be rough, unorganized and not well thought out to some. We hope you might be patient with us. We have no desire for self-aggrandizement or to exalt ourselves but rather we hope to lift up the Standard in the Name of our Lord and defend the great doctrines of truth. With little help and little resources and the need of much time and patience we launch forth in this project hoping the Lord may be pleased to bless it. Only time shall tell. Over the years we have, learned to know and love many of those who will receive this paper and feel a deep kinship to them. Some we have had sweet fellowship with, and yes, over the years barriers have arisen that have prevented our continued communion. This has not lessened our love and devotion to their cause as being our cause. True predestinarians everywhere should be thankful for those of like precious faith even though they for whatever reasons may not be able to walk together in holy fellowship. Time, distance, age, infirmities and other things separate many of us. Carnality, rebellion, strife, division, jealousy and other such intrigues separate others. Whatever may be the cause of the separations, may we humbly bow before the hand of God and pray that we may never, ever, harm the least of our brethren with intent. Having said such we trust that brethren everywhere may be led to pray for us, might assist us with their advice which we hope we can readily receive, and send in the names of those that you think might be interested. Please note one thing when sending in addresses; be sure to give box numbers, route numbers, zip codes, etc., as the Post Office will not deliver mail that is not fully addressed.

Hoping we may be blessed to serve we humbly submit this for your consideration. To the Saviour of sinners be all the glory.

The Editors (E.J.P. & R.N.L. at the time)
The Remnant
Volume 1 - April-May, 1987